Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday Workbasket: Party Hood, or Sortie de Bal

Materials: Two ounces of scarlet Shetland wool; pins, no. 16.

Cast on 78 stitches; knit 3 rows, then commence the pattern as follows:

1st row: Slip 1, a pearl 1, knit 2 together three times, thread forward, knit 1 six times, knit 2 together three times; repeat from a.

2d: Slip 1, a pearl 1, knit 18; repeat from a.

3d: Slip 1, a pearl 1, knit 18; repeat from a.

4th: Slip 1, a knit 1, pearl 18; repeat from a.

These four rows form the pattern, Repeat till one yard is completed. Cast off loosely.

For the crown, cast on 59 stitches, and knit the pattern as before; increase at the beginning and end of each row by making an additional stitch, till your additional stitches at each side are made. Knit, without increasing, till three nails are completed; decrease at the beginning and end of each row for three rows, then knit 2 rows and cast off. Pass the work through a thin solution of gum-water, and pin it out to dry upon a cloth stretched upon the floor. Make a cap with white silk, the size required; stretch the knitting upon it; sew it nearly round, placing the centre parts of each together; sew in the crown; cut lengths of wool and loop into the ends to form a fringe, as in illustrated design.

Originally published November 1855.


  1. This head covering could be updated to be quite stylish. I'd start by removing the lining and making it a bit longer to make a very versatile and pretty head covering.

  2. This is going on my To Be Knit list!

    Lovely blog!