Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wednesday Workbasket: Shetland Wool Veil for Infants' Wear

 (by Mrs. Jane Weaver)

MATERIALS: 1 oz. of white Shetland wool; bone crochet hook.

Make a ch half a yard in length.

1st row -- 5 ch, miss 2, and work it into the 3rd stitch, * 5 ch; miss 2, join to the next stitch, and * to the end of the row.

2nd Row -- 5 ch, and work it into the middle stitch of the 5 chain loop of 1st row.

The work naturally narrows at each end of every row. Work until the piece is half as wide as when begun; stretch and shape by placing the piece upon a clean napkin, with a damp one over it, then press with a moderately hot iron.

FOR THE BORDER: 2 rows of ch loops, 7 ch to the loop; 1 row of dc, 4 stitches to a group, 1 ch between each group; 2 rows of chain loop, 1 row of dc as before, and finish off with 2 rows of chain loops. This work should all be done loosely and evenly, making it much like lace as possible.

Originally published May 1862.

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