Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday Workbasket: Knitted Garter

Just in time for a June bride, though if historial accuracy is not a concern, you may want to substitute a softer yarn (in both texture and color) for the red Berlin wool. Paragraph breaks were added to make the pattern easier to follow.—K.

Materials.—White knitting cotton, red Berlin wool.

This garter is knitted in rounds with white knitting cotton; at the edge and along the middle some rounds are worked in crochet with red wool. A wide strip of white elastic is drawn through the double knitting, and the garter fastens with a steel clasp.

Cast on 20 stitches, work 120 rounds, and cast off.

On both sides of this strip work in crochet with red wool, always alternately 1 double, 1 chain, missing a sufficient space under the latter.

On the middle round of stitches of the upper part of the knitting work 2 rows of crochet, as follows:—

1st row.—Begin on one side of the knitting, 1 treble on the upper chain of the next stitch of the middle round, 1 slip stitch in the second stitch of the next round of stitches, but 2 above the middle round, *2 treble, divided by 3 chain stitches in the upper chain of the 6th following stitch of the middle round, 1 slip stitch in the 6th following stitch of the 3rd following round above the middle round; repeat from *, so that there is always a space of 5 stitches after the 2 treble stitches and the slip stitch.

When this round has been worked, turn the work, and crochet a similar round, which must be opposite to the first: the treble stitch must be worked in the 2nd chain of the stitches of the middle round still remaining free.

Then draw a piece of elastic, 4-5ths of an inch wide and about 2 2-5ths shorter than the knitted strip, through the latter; fasten the ends, and sew on a steel clasp.

Originally published in The Young Englishwoman, June 1869.

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