Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WW: Shell-Work Wristlets

This pattern for wristlets is in honor of another article in Piecework magazine, this one about the treatment of needlework in the book The Mill on the Floss. The pattern I chose to accompany the magazine article was historically accurate, both in time and construction, but it was somewhat plain as a result. These wristlets are a little fancier, but true to a period approximately forty years after the setting of the book.—K.

Get two shades of single zephyr (or more if desirable), as it takes from one to one and one-half ounces for a pair.

Cast on with the worsted double (in double stitches) twenty-seven on two needles, eighteen on the third. Nine stitches form one shell, eight shells the usual size for a lady's wrist, nine for a gentleman. Do not knit around plain, but with a single thread seam two, knit one, widen by throwing over thread, knit four, narrow; continue thus around the wristlet.

SECOND ROW.—Seam two, knit two (that includes the loop made by widening), widen, knit three, narrow.

THIRD ROW.—Seam two, knit three, widen, knit two, narrow, and so forth.

FOURTH ROW.—Seam two, knit four, widen, knit one, narrow, and so forth.

FIFTH ROW.—Seam two, knit five, widen, narrow.

This forms one row of shells; then set in another shade of worsted, if you like, and begin as at first. It is pretty knit with two rows of shells of each shade or with but one, according to the taste. Bind off on the last row of shells the last time around. Be sure not to knit plain, but seam, knit, widen, and narrow as usual, binding each stitch over the last. When you knit the first time around, be sure to take the stitches double, making seventy-two around the cuff. Do not knit very tight.

Originally published in Ballou's Monthly Magazine, 1883.

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