Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wednesday Workbasket: Pelerine, or Half Cap

White Berlin Wool -- Steel Pins No. 11

Cast on one hundred and thirty loops, knit one plain row.

Second needle -- pass the wool twice over the needle, and take two together; repeat to the end, and pearl back.

Fourth needle -- take two together, knit plain to the end; knit the next three needles plain, decreasing one at each end. The above to be repeated, decreasing one at each end of every needle, until there are seven rows of open knitting, which forms the head piece.

Take twenty-nine stitches off one end of the pin; knit as before, narrowing at the same end of the nedle until there are fourteen loops left, which must be taken off; take up twenty-nine loops on the other side, and knit as before, narrowing at the same end of the needle until the loops are reduced to fourteen. Cast off. This forms the back part; join it up behind, take the stitches at the front, and take up the loops at the back; knit one plain round at the top; next round, pass the wool over twice, then knit two plain rounds, and take off; pick up the loops behind, which will be about eighty; turn the wool over twice to make a row of holes, then knit two plain rounds and take off.

Run a satin ribbon through the holes at the top, and round the face and back. Sew on ribbon strings.

Originally published March 1847.

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  1. I have made four of these - not that I need four but it took four to get it right. The wool I used for the first three was too thick so the latest one is in a lace-weight wool. This a a quick, easy and very enjoyable piece to knit and a useful addition to any mid-19th century wardrobe!