Wednesday, 7 September 2011

WW: Beaded Wristlets

Another intriguing pattern for wristlets, this time from an agricultural journal. Unfortunately there is no accompanying picture and no time at present to knit up a test one, but I think they sound quite elegant.—K.

A lady tells how she knits wristlets:

"Take Saxony yarn, any color you wish (mine is black), and about three bunches of black bugle beads; thread them on the yarn, leaving them a short distance apart; cast on forty-seven stitches, knit once across plain; second row, throw a bead up through every other stitch, and so on; leave a loop at one end each time of about eighteen beads. Continue in this way until you have about forty loops, bind off and join, and I think you will have a pair of wristlets that will please any one."

Originally published in the Michigan Farmer and State Journal of Agriculture, November 1884.

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