Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WW: Girl's Crochet Boa

I found this pattern while looking for something completely different, and was struck by the lack of direction given to the young audience for which it was intended. Not even a picture to give them a clue! The name of the publication was "Little Wide Awake: An Illustrated Magazine for Good Children," and the directions appear under the heading "Simple Work for Little People." I suppose good children were able to puzzle these things out.—K.

Take a foundation chain as long as the boa is desired. On this crochet 18 rows backwards and forwards as follows:—

1st row, 1 double crochet and 1 chain, missing a loop.

2nd row, and following ones, crochet the double crochet into the chain of the former row.

When this is done, crochet, with another colour, on each side of the first 10 rounds a row of scallops into each chain. The scallops are worked: 1 double crochet, * 1 chain 1 long, repeat from * twice, 1 double crochet. Another way; if a more open pattern is desired, and this is considered too close, work 1 double crochet and 3 chains 3 times, finishing off with a double crochet.

Sew the edge stitches of the last row to the foundation stitches. Gather the ends of the boa closely, and sew on 2 tassels of the wool you made the scallops of.

A bow of ribbon finishes the front of the boa.

Originally published in Little Wide Awake, 1881.